[Solved] : Explain the physical significance of van der waals parameters

Asked by : Pankaj Srivastav. Answered by : Abhishek Verma

The Van-der waals equation can be written as follows :-
\left (  P +\frac{an^{2}}{V^{2}} \right)\left ( V - nb \right ) = nRT

Significance of Van-der Waal's parameter (a)

It is the measure of the magnitude of attractive forces between the molecules of gas.

Unit : atm L²/ mol²

Larger the value of (a) larger will be the intermolecular forces of attraction. It is independence of pressure and temperature.

Significance of Vander waals parameter ‘b’ :

It is the measure of the effective size of a gas molecules.

Unit : L/mol

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