Byomkesh Bakshi ki Rahasyamayi Kahaniyan in English

Byomkesh Bakshi ki Rahasyamayi Kahaniyan

Author : Saradindu Bandyopadhyay
Genre : Novel


The specificity of Saradendu Bandyopadhyay is his subtle living depiction of his characters besides his unique writing style in addition to his detective writing. In the early twentieth century Bengal, writers and readers were equally watching crime and detective literature in Bengal. For the first time Saradendu Bandyopadhyay has given that writing a respectable place. One of the major reasons for this was that the writers of their erstwhile writers Pachauri Dee and Dinendra Kumar were spying detectives of English, Arthur Conan, Doel, Edgar Allan Po, G.K. Chesterson and Agatha Christie, while the character and place of Saradendu, in contrast to other espionage novels, live in the Indian origin and the surroundings of the place. The humorous nature of his writings keeps readers happy during the narrative story. Byomkesh's literature is not only unprecedented detective literature but also in all times and times, it is always equally popular among the youth and the elderly of all sections of the society. The reader continues to recite these mysterious stories for his living writing, despite knowing the end, repeatedly reading. It is considered a unique achievement in any popular literature, and this achievement gives the place of 'Classic' of our time like the Byomkesh Bakshi Sahitya, like Satyajit Rai's famous novel 'Feluda's Function'.
Byomkesh Bakshi ki Rahasyamayi Kahaniyan in English Byomkesh Bakshi ki Rahasyamayi Kahaniyan in English Reviewed by Abhishek Verma on October 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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