How do I score 90+ out of 120 in JEE Mains(Chemistry)

Chemistry is one of the most scoring topics in JEE Main Paper. For most people the score increases due to this topic.

High scoring (80 and above) in this subject is not to walk in the park, but it is not difficult when you are continuously endeavoring for a long time.

There are 25 chapters (or topics) in the prescribed curriculum for chemistry JEE Main, which combine the 11th and 12th standard curriculum. And this is the reason why it is difficult that it is difficult. The course is really vast and without constant and disciplined modification and practice, scoring well is not possible.

The entire course is divided into three parts

inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
physical Chemistry
All you need to do is ensure that your basic principles are concrete in almost all topics and it will be easy to understand and solve the questions.

To give a brief overview of some important topics in chemistry:

Chemical bond and periodic table - These are the most important topics in chemistry to be honest. Mastering the properties of chemical bond and periodic essence, then solving the questions in many subjects would be an air.

General biochemistry - Basic principles, hydrocarbons, carbonic compounds are the most important.

Redox reactions, the concept of sesame concept and counterparts - again very basic and really important.

Solid state, solution and gas theory- Sometimes the theoretical questions come from this part, if you are clear from the concepts, then there will be no time to solve them.

Thermochemistry and thermodynamics - mostly numeric, but have a good weightage in the paper.

P, D & F Block- Again, most of these chapters are the theoretical questions.

Having a good hold on these topics does not really guarantee you good marks, but it is one of the most important topics in the entire course. Of course, you also need to study different subjects. Apart from this, you make a habit of making notes of whatever you feel. There can be a formula, question, concept, anything.

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